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Meet JupCV

Established in 2020 by a team of top-tier consultants from global recruitment firms, JupCV has become a beacon of professional HR consulting. We boast a success rate of over 95%, having served over 1000 JupSeekers in the past three years.

Our trusted team offers a proven track record in CV writing, career coaching, and interview skills enhancement for job seekers at all career stages. We also extend our expertise to large listed companies and MNCs, delivering HR management consulting solutions.

In today’s challenging job landscape with rising unemployment rates, JupCV stands ready to guide job seekers to stable and suitable employment. Our commitment: reliable, professional services at fair prices, helping you navigate your career path confidently.


Why the name "JupCV"?

The name JupCV comes from a common term in the recruitment industry, meaning “CV Makeover”. We’ve spent the past decade refining resumes, helping employers fully grasp the strengths, experiences, and technical skills of our job seekers.

Is JupCV a headhunting firm
or recruitment agency?

Not quite! We primarily serve job seekers. In today’s job market, many companies don’t initially engage with headhunting firms or agencies. Our mission is to provide professional guidance and career consultation, assisting job seekers in finding the RIGHT job.

Why should I choose JupCV over other career coaching firms?

At JupCV, we’re committed to delivering top-tier service. We offer 7-day unlimited amendments, career consultation, and interview coaching tailored to your background and experience, all at no extra charge. Rest assured, your information will remain confidential and will be deleted upon service completion. Trust JupCV to provide the best service and after-sales support in the market.

What range of services can I expect from JupCV?

JupCV is your comprehensive career partner. Beyond top-tier CV writing, we provide insightful career and job market guidance, personalized coaching, targeted interview advice, and informative seminars. Additionally, we offer a career portal and job portal, connecting you directly with opportunities. Our mission is to equip you with the tools, advice, and resources needed for successful job seeking.


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How we can support you?

We’re here to support job seekers and hiring companies with our professional knowledge.

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