LinkedIn Summer Optimization: How to Refresh Your Profile to Attract More Potential Employers

LinkedIn Summer Optimization: How to Refresh Your Profile to Attract More Potential Employers

Summer is here! It’s time to give your LinkedIn profile an annual UPDATE to catch the eye of potential employers. Whether you are a newcomer to the job market, or a veteran job seeker, it’s critical to regularly update your LinkedIn profile. Today, JupCV shares what you need to update!

First, update the personal information section – write a concise and powerful intro that highlights your professional skills and achievements, and matches your career goals.

Next, update your work experience section. Present your past work experience and achievements in the most attractive way, which can not only enhance your professional image but also attract the attention of potential employers.

Finally, ask your referees to write a couple of sentences for you. A good recommendation can greatly enhance your credibility.

If you don’t want to spend time updating, or are unsure about what to update and want some professional advice, feel free to ask JupCV for help, we can assist you in doing the annual update!

The goal of JupCV is to help each client succeed in their career. Our services are not limited to resume writing and LinkedIn Profile customization, but also include interview guidance, career planning, career counseling, and continuing education planning. Our professional team will provide you with comprehensive support, helping you move forward in your career.


JupCV is a professional HR consulting firm founded by top-performing consultants from global listed recruitment firms and senior HR executives from large MNCs. We have a proven track record and experience in CV writing (resume building), career coaching, interview skills improvements for job seekers at all levels.

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