7 Free Courses to upgrade your resume

In today’s competitive job market, having the right skills can make all the difference. From public speaking to AI and digital marketing, these courses will take your career to new heights. 
🎤 Harvard Public Speaking: Master the art of communication and captivate any audience with confidence. 

💡 Critical Thinking by Alison: Develop sharp analytical skills to solve complex problems and make informed decisions. 

📊 Everyday Excel by Coursera: Excel in Excel! Learn essential spreadsheet skills to organize and analyze data like a pro. 

🤖 Learn AI – Elements of AI: Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and understand its principles and applications. 

💻 Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard: Lay the foundation with core concepts of computer science and programming. 
📈 Advanced Google Analytics: Unleash the power of data analysis with advanced Google Analytics techniques. 

📱 Digital Marketing by Google: Discover the strategies and tools to excel in the digital marketing landscape. 
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